Musica Viva Workshops

5 September 2019

Hamlyn Banks Primary School

 Judith Trimble, representing the GCMS, met Victorian Education Manager for Musica Viva, Kim O’Byrne, at the Hamlyn Banks Primary School.


Three musicians: Thea Rossen (percussion), Luke Carbon (clarinet and base clarinet) and Leigh Harold (keyboard) presented their ‘Water Water Everywhere’ workshops and concerts focussing on the Grammy Award winning Chinese composer, Tan Dun’s Water Concerto. 


Over the course of the day, two lively workshops, which developed into concerts, were held to accommodate the entire school population of approximately 380 children from kindergarten to year 6 and their teachers in two sessions.

The Principal, Nigel, was very welcoming, supportive and enthusiastic. He attended the whole of the first session.


The music teacher, Felicity, has a dedicated position in the school and was present through both sessions.  She is an obvious leader, who is enthusiastic about keeping the Musica Viva program going in the school.

Felicity managed to glean 10 violins from the recent ‘Don’t Stop the Music’ program, with plans to teach violin in the school to selected students who have parental support.  Guitars, drums and other instruments were on display in the hall which was used for the Musica Viva workshops/concerts.  All this suggested an ongoing determination to teach music in the Hamlyn Banks Primary School.  Interestingly, very many students (especially the juniors) were learning piano.


The students were all set ‘music-making’ homework in preparation for the Musica Viva visit, including homework ‘in the bath’, slapping water etc., and rhythmic slapping various parts of the body.


Students were almost all totally engaged, and they all joined in, even though they sat for an hour at a time on a concrete floor, and the older ones became uncomfortable trying to fit their longer legs into limited space.

Dr Judith Trimble

Committee Member

Geelong Chamber Music Society

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