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Cutting Through Time

Cressida Campbell, Margaret Preston and the Japanese Print                                                                                                 

18 May to 28 July 2024

This exceptionally beautiful Geelong Gallery-curated exhibition will examine the influence of Japanese woodblock prints (ukiyo-e) on the famed contemporary Australian painter and printmaker Cressida Campbell (born 1960) and on the groundbreaking modernist painter and printmaker Margaret Preston (1875–1963).


This will be the first significant exhibition in Victoria for more than a decade focused on Margaret Preston, one of Australia’s most beloved modernist printmakers, and one that will celebrate the remarkable contemporary artist, Cressida Campbell. The exhibition presents their work in the context of their love of, and the influence on their work of, the serene aesthetics and sophistication of historical Japanese ukiyo-e woodcut prints.


Cutting Through Time—Cressida Campbell, Margaret Preston and the Japanese Print, takes its lead from Geelong Gallery’s significant print holdings, chiefly Margaret Preston’s dazzlingly beautiful hand-coloured woodcut Fuchsia and balsam 1928 (purchased in 1982), and a suite of prized Japanese ukiyo-e prints from the late 18th to mid-19th centuries (in the Gallery’s collection since the 1950s).


This exclusive Geelong Gallery exhibition will present Campbell’s and Preston’s diverse approaches to painted woodblock and printmaking, and adoption of Japanese ukiyo-e compositional approaches, as part of their wider interest in and respect for diverse cultures. Works will be drawn from the significant holdings of Preston’s works in the National Gallery of Australia and Art Gallery of New South Wales, as well as many private collectors of Campbell’s highly sought-after prints and painted woodblocks.


A Geelong Gallery ticketed exhibition


Adult $20.00

Gallery Member $12.50

Concession $15.00

Senior (Tuesdays only) $15.00

Child $9.00
Flexible entry tickets (Single day) $30.00

JPG Margaret Preston_Fuschia and balsam.jpg
Margaret Preston
Fuchsia and balsam1928
hand-coloured woodcut
Geelong Gallery
Purchased 1982
© MargaretPreston/Copyright Agency,2024
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