How does it work?  Concerts are performed live at the Athenaeum Theatre in Collins Street Melbourne - there is no audience, only the sound engineer and camera operators. The performances are available on your personal computer, iPad or tablet - this is called "streaming".
How do I access the concerts?  You need to create an account on the MDCH website to purchase tickets. You will need an email address to do this. MDCH will email a reminder when your concert is due to be streamed.
What technology do I need?  A personal computer, iPad or tablet, with a connection to the Internet.
The concerts are not available on your TV unless you have a SMART TV which can access web pages. With the appropriate connector, you may be able to connect you iPad or tablet to your TV for a big screen experience.
How do I pay?  Purchase tickets via the MDCH website and pay by credit card or PayPal. Or you can purchase via phone. Full details are here.
Nearly half a million dollars has been earned in over 100 concerts to support over 200 musicians! Until there are brighter times and "normal" concerts, this is a fantastic way to be entertained by and support our fabulous artists.