Kym says about his new work, Rock Pillar from the Old Fernery

"Within the heart of the Geelong Botanic Gardens lies an unusual monument: a pillar constructed of a seemingly natural formation of golden rocks, wrapped in and covered by the vines and leaves of a 'creeping fig' (ficus pumila). The two elements are so intertwined that they give the appearance of having been formed symbiotically. This pillar of rock is actually the humble remains of what was once a grand fernery at the Gardens. Now it exists in this simpler form, a memory of this history. 


In my work I have become increasingly interested in the ways that an artist responds to and interacts with nature. This small piece for cello and piano is a response to the rock pillar in a few ways. In one sense it’s a representation — the cello, like the creeping fig, has a patient but persistent drive to ascend throughout the piece, across and up the  stark rocks of the piano accompaniment.

In another sense, the piece is a musical capturing of the feeling or mood the sight inspired in me. These initial ideas must necessarily at some point transform into some form of musical language, and it’s this relationship between the natural world and the abstract language and traditions of music that I find so fascinating. 

I am also drawn to the small intersecting narratives found within nature: the rock pillar is to us a particular location inside a particular botanic gardens in a particular city, but to that creeping fig it is bound up with its entire existence."

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